Last night, I painted ten little chubby fingers and ten little chubby toes the perfect shade of Sofia purple.  I brushed her long blonde hair, and she picked out her favorite pink dress, pink headband, and “pretty” shoes.  I led her to my jewelry box and she giggled as I pulled out my pearl necklace and fastened it around her neck. She waited not-so-patiently for her date to arrive, talking about what fun things she and her beau might do.  She had never been on a date before, and she was a bit nervous.  She danced down the hall and clicked her fancy shoes and waited for the moment. Then the doorbell rang, and she poked her head around the corner.  Is this it?  She opened the door slowly, and stood in shock. Her daddy was standing there in his nice clothes holding a bouquet of beautiful flowers. He hugged her tight and told her how beautiful she looked, and she grinned and smelled her flowers. After a few photos, they left for a magical evening at Chick Fil A, dessert at Coldstone, and a trip down the princess aisle at Target. When they returned home, she all but floated into the living

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