The other night at a baby shower for some sweet friends, we seasoned parents were asked to give some advice to the newbies. Being the OG mom in the group, I had some sage advice for my friends as they embark on this insane trip of parenthood.  As I’ve thought more about it, and at the urging of some friends who enjoy my parenthood mishaps on social media, I decided to come up with the ultimate list of parenthood tips for you today. Now, let’s get one thing clear – I am not a parenting expert.  I am probably a pretty terrible parent by textbook standards.  I raise my voice probably a bit too much, and I also am not very consistent in my discipline at times.  My kids love McDonald’s, and we’ve watched Trolls fifteen times this week.  Our kids went to bed way too late last night because we just couldn’t drag ourselves away from Flip or Flop long enough for bedtime routines (three cheers for the pause button).  I don’t do things right all the time, but honestly, I don’t really care.  Which leads me to point number one… 1. Don’t listen to anyone else.  Ever.  (Ok, well except

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