Oh, my sweet angel.  You turned five today! Five seems like such a huge milestone, and I’m not handling it well at all.  You are growing up way too quickly, and I know this year will bring big changes for you.  You will go to “real” school in the fall, and you will make new friends, eat in a new lunch room, and have new teachers apart from the daycare you’ve been attending basically your entire life.  I know you aren’t the least bit nervous about it, but me – I’m terrified. I should take some bravery hints from you.   You amaze me. You’re reading.  And I don’t mean just regular sight words.  I mean real live books.  You love to read Cat in the Hat, and you are trying to read every store sign and text message and advertisement you see. I know every parent believes their child is exceptional, and I’ll throw my hat in that ring.  You are absolutely brilliant.  You are creative with a huge imagination.  I can see the wheels turning in your head when you are trying to understand things.  You can connect stories and characters like someone way past your age. Especially

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