70% of people living below the poverty line around the world are women. 40% of all women live on less than $2 per day. That’s less than my coffee run on Wednesdays. It’s because of these statistics that women find themselves trapped in a system of sex trafficking and sex slavery.  In some countries, being a prostitute is the only way to put food on the table or buy shoes for their kid.  For these women, there is no choice.  Their lives are stolen and they see no way out.  Many are victims of abduction and kidnapping.  Others enter willingly for a quick dollar and quickly become entrapped in a vicious and deadly cycle.  They are under the literal death grip of a pimp who can make $150,000 per victim annually, and pimps usually “manage” 4-5 victims at a time, and the victims get pennies, if any, money for their “work.” In the United States alone: Human trafficking, which is not only women, but also boys and children, generates over $9.5 billion annually. The average age of entry into prostitution is 13 years old. The average victim is forced to have sex, on average, 20-40 times per day. One in

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