There’s a popular saying that kind of drives me nuts and I’m going to squash it.  We really should stop saying it altogether because it debunks the infinite and good character of God in just a few simple words… “God won’t give me more than I can handle.” Yes.  Yes, He will.  And He will do it often. How quick are we to discount the might and strength of God, only to lift ourselves up to a place of capability and self-glorification? Saying this only means that I can handle anything God throws my way, on my own, just because I’m me.  I’m given all the equipment to handle it and control it. Self.  Self.  Self. In an effort to die to self daily (Luke 9:23), we must remember that God is sovereign over all circumstances – the ones He created, and the ones He allowed to happen.  The ones He put in our path, and the ones we dug ourselves into.  The ones we work hard to come out of on our own, and the ones where we throw up our hands and give up on. We must start saying, “God won’t give me more than HE can handle.“ Because

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