I had the pleasure this weekend of attending a women’s conference at Shades Mountain Baptist Church in Birmingham with my mother in law.  We attended Shades when we lived in Birmingham, so it was nice to be back and see all of our friends. The keynote speaker for the event was Jen Hatmaker.  If you have not read her books or heard her speak, I would highly encourage you to.  You know that episode of Friends where the book Kujo scares Joey, so he puts the book in the freezer?  Jen Hatmaker did the same thing for me with her book, Interrupted.  I’ve actually hidden it so well that I can’t find it anymore, which is a shame because Mom wants to borrow it. I have to hide it because she speaks truth so well that it hits the deepest core of me and it scares me to death that I am actually being challenged to do what she is asking of me. But it’s not her asking me at all.  It’s the Holy Spirit prodding and urging and pushing me to do these things that He’s called me to do.  And as Mordecai made it clear to Esther (Esther

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