I attended Secret Church last night at Calvary.  And although Ben had to pull the plug early because, as babies usually are, the baby who usually is a breeze to take to functions would.not.go.to.sleep.  Mom and I made it to midnight, just before the last session, but Mom was getting delirious, so we had to leave. But I had a huge takeaway from the simulcast event with over 50,000 viewers worldwide, with still more to watch as it is translated into languages and rebroadcasted by churches even more. I am not a persecuted Christian. As I sat with my brothers and sisters in Christ at Calvary last night, we left the doors to the church unlocked so people could come and go as they pleased.  No one threatened to come in and arrest all participants.  No one opened fire on our church and its members.  No one planted explosives outside the door. And while Secret Church did have a small threat yesterday – The Church at Brook Hills, where Secret Church is broadcast from, had a threat and the location for Dr. David Platt had to be moved – it still didn’t stop the event.  David Platt just found somewhere else

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