My sweet, sweet, sweet baby boy.  You are six months old. I can’t believe six months have gone by since you joined our family.  At some moments, it feels like you’ve been here only a few weeks or so.  Sometimes it feels like you’ve been with us forever. You’re perfect. No, seriously.  We thought your sister was an easy baby.  You are a dream.  So easy, so predictable, so perfect. You sleep all night long, most nights.  If you do wake up, it’s after a very long stretch.  And you sleep in your own bed.  Sometimes you sleep sideways, but hey, I’m not waking you up to turn you around. You eat like a champ.  Six ounces, every few hours.  We have started you on a little bit of baby food, and you are still getting the hang of the spoon.  But you were digging the bananas. You are ginormous.  There’s no way to tell you were so teeny when you were born because you’re huge.  At least 16/17 pounds at this point of pure chunk and rolls. It’s delicious. You’ve found your voice.  You exercise it often. Import March 2015 2846 The other night, we were eating dinner on

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