This topic makes me so angry, it has taken me DAYS to sit down to form rational and coherent thoughts on paper without wanting to take a red pen and scratch and color all over it while screaming like a mad woman who quite possibly should be institutionalized. Two weeks ago, a mother-to-be was lured into the home of another woman from an ad on Craigslist regarding baby clothes.  This obviously insane woman brutally attacked, beat, and then cut the 7 month old baby out of her mother’s womb, then left her for dead while she took the now deceased infant to the hospital to claim it as her own through miscarriage. And the courts did not charge her with murder of that child. You see, Colorado has no law protecting the life of children who have not lived outside the womb yet. Because if they were to make this law (which they have tried, and it did not pass), it would eliminate late term abortions up to 26 weeks for any reason and 34 weeks for medical issues and genetic abnormalities. Abortion is a business in Colorado, being one of the few states to allow late term abortions. Charging this woman with

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